Five Minute Friday-Safe

Today I’m linking up once again with the Five Minute Friday crowd. FMF provides a prompt word every Friday, then we write, for five minutes, no editing, no holds barred, just write whats on our heart. The rule is a prompt word is provided and we write….for five minutes, no editing, just real and raw. Then post and go back and encourage the prior post. Today’s word is ”Safe”. The link is:
Safe….a word of concern in this age of political concerns, chaos and terrorist attacks. It’s a word we all obsess over from time to time. A word many in this world have no comprehension of just as many have little comprehension of the word danger. Often today we make the word safe so complicated; we define “safe” by what we believe should or should not be occurring in our lives, in our country today.
This morning I was reminded however, that it is not always that complicated……sometimes safe is just safe and simple. As I was sitting on my steps this morning my eye was drawn to the hand railing or banister as some call it on our stairs. Our home is well over 150 years old and this solid piece of wood has stood the test of time quite well; providing safety and security to its people. As I gazed at the grain, felt the smooth coolness of the railing, wrapped my fingers around the spindles and carefully examined a spot where a small piece of wood was knocked out by something…….I was suddenly awestruck. As I sat there I could almost see the hands that would grasp this rail as they went up and down each day about their daily work. Men, tired from a long day in the field or at work might bring pieces of the surrounding farm fields on their hands and it would somehow meld with the wood. Women; carrying baskets of laundry or feverish children on a hip gripped the rail for safety and balance. Toddlers…..taking their first attempt at the stairs alone; their chubby little fingers wrapping around the solid wood spindles, drool and baby oatmeal melding into the wood. Grandmothers, whose step had become less steady with time would depend upon the safety provided in this simple but elegant piece of wood. I thought of the hands who crafted this…..likely never dreaming how many toddlers or grandmothers would be saved from toppling off the side by its strength. It’s a simple railing, a few beautiful carvings at the base but it is SAFE… for the people of this home and safely representing a simple reminder that sometimes safe is just plain simple, ordinary and everyday…….