Five Minutes Friday-Quiet

Quiet Prayer

Today I’m linking up once again with the Five Minute Friday crowd. FMF provides a prompt word every Friday, then we write, for five minutes, no editing, no holds barred, just write whats on our heart. \The rule is a prompt word is provided and we write….for five minutes, no editing, just real and raw.   Then post and go back and encourage the prior post. Today’s word is “Quiet”. The link is:

“As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places to pray” Luke 5:16 Msg

Quiet, as vital a nourishment for my soul as water is for my body. Just as the body craves water on dry, hot summer days so my soul craves times of quiet. Quiet is the cool refreshment that nourishes my parched soul like a cool spring in the desert. Quiet is life-giving, a vital nutrient that courses through my body; refreshing and invigorating a beaten down soul. When the week is long, life is hard, work is crazy…..quiet is my time of refreshment and rejuvenation. Quiet slows my pulse and quickens God’s spirit within me. Quiet is not lonely, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Quiet opens the door to my heart to remember Jesus is sitting right beside me! Just as water quenches my physical thirst, quiet quenches my spiritual thirst when chaos abounds. It’s a time to reflect in my heart with God—-quiet is beauty on a warm spring day when the leaves are just beginning to peak out from their long winter hibernation. Quiet brings a newness to my soul during the “too much” times that life often brings. Quiet is refreshment, restoration, healing, comforting, protection……it is simply a lifeline to God and is necessary to my very being. Getting away for quiet and prayer may seem selfish; but in the chaos of life I don’t believe there is anything less selfish than allowing God to refresh and restore us so we may have the strength, stamina and love to then go out and serve!! May this week bring you an opportunity for a quiet, sweet, life-giving time of restoration.