Five Minutes Friday-Quiet

Quiet Prayer

Today I’m linking up once again with the Five Minute Friday crowd. FMF provides a prompt word every Friday, then we write, for five minutes, no editing, no holds barred, just write whats on our heart. \The rule is a prompt word is provided and we write….for five minutes, no editing, just real and raw.   Then post and go back and encourage the prior post. Today’s word is “Quiet”. The link is:

“As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places to pray” Luke 5:16 Msg

Quiet, as vital a nourishment for my soul as water is for my body. Just as the body craves water on dry, hot summer days so my soul craves times of quiet. Quiet is the cool refreshment that nourishes my parched soul like a cool spring in the desert. Quiet is life-giving, a vital nutrient that courses through my body; refreshing and invigorating a beaten down soul. When the week is long, life is hard, work is crazy…..quiet is my time of refreshment and rejuvenation. Quiet slows my pulse and quickens God’s spirit within me. Quiet is not lonely, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Quiet opens the door to my heart to remember Jesus is sitting right beside me! Just as water quenches my physical thirst, quiet quenches my spiritual thirst when chaos abounds. It’s a time to reflect in my heart with God—-quiet is beauty on a warm spring day when the leaves are just beginning to peak out from their long winter hibernation. Quiet brings a newness to my soul during the “too much” times that life often brings. Quiet is refreshment, restoration, healing, comforting, protection……it is simply a lifeline to God and is necessary to my very being. Getting away for quiet and prayer may seem selfish; but in the chaos of life I don’t believe there is anything less selfish than allowing God to refresh and restore us so we may have the strength, stamina and love to then go out and serve!! May this week bring you an opportunity for a quiet, sweet, life-giving time of restoration.




Five Minute Friday-Alone


Linking up again this week with the Five Minute Friday crowd. We take the prompt word and write for five minutes straight; no editing, no overthinking, ….just five minutes of writing. Don’t forget to go and encourage the writer before you. The link for FMF is Today’s prompt word…….Alone! Ready, set, go.

Alone…..for some this word might invoke feelings of depression and desperation. But for me, alone is quite the opposite. Alone is a chance to recharge, alone is quiet, alone is healing, alone is comforting, alone is writing, alone is processing, alone is praying…..alone gives me comfort in a way no person is capable of doing. Yes, I love my family and friends, time with them, noisy, raucous laughter, sweet times of conversation, community prayer……BUT as the deer pants for streams of water, I pant for time alone… a way of becoming more of who I am created to be. Alone is soul soothing, it is sitting and receiving an infilling of the power and love of the Holy Spirit. Alone is uninterrupted time with God embedded within an often overly busy life. Alone is not pushing others away, alone is allowing myself to be pulled into the arms of Jesus. Alone is accepting the love within those arms….love that fills me and enables me to go forth from alone and share His love with others. Alone is a necessary nutrient for my soul and when it is in short supply….my soul aches. Alone is a time of God filling that gives me the strength to be a God sharer…..alone is my time to pull up to the gas pump of my Lord and let Him fill me to overflowing….therefore alone, is never truly alone but instead one with Him.


Five Minute Friday-World

twins b

Linking up again this week with the Five Minute Friday crowd. We take the prompt word and write for five minutes straight; no editing, no overthinking, ….just five minutes of writing. Don’t forget to go and encourage the writer before you.   The link for FMF is Today’s prompt word…….World!   Ready, set, go

“My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.” Psalm 62: 5-6

Two tiny babies…….born much too early (one so small his head fit in the palm of my hand), divorce, serious illness, marital separation, the heartbreak of a broken friendship, job loss, relocation……..each capable of turning our world upside down in an instant. Each of these in some way, shape or form part of the world of the past year around or within me. When the axis of the world as we know it is tilted, jarred and shaken to its very core the results can be both devastating and beautiful, both heart wrenching and heart expanding leaving us breathless and blind at times; at other times revealing the majesty and glory of a God who promises that ALL things will work together for our good.   The world as we know will keep changing of this we have no doubt…….we will continue to see pain both in the big world all around us and in the small worlds of our lives. BUT we will also continue to see His Glory, His Majesty and His Mighty works throughout ALL of these changes. When our small worlds we live in directly begin to implode around us we can rest assured that smack dab in the middle of the crumbling chaos our Father will be there. He will be there in the friends who surround and uplift us, in the tears that never seem to end, He will be there in the hands of doctors, nurses and caregivers, He is there in our resume rebuilding, in our moving trucks, He is there in the numbing heartbreak of loss and in each and every circumstance within our small world. He is an ever present, ever knowing, ever loving, ever being Presence and even in the times when our world is so broken we think He has forgotten……HE IS STILL THERE!!   Our world will be rebuilt……it may not look like we dreamed it would look……but when we lean into Him , when we give Him our world……..submitting to His will and to His love the rebuilding will change our world forever!! He gives each of us many worlds…..small worlds of our family, larger one of our friendships, work and relationships and they are all meant to work together for His Glory to be a part of His World as a whole. Give Him your world…….let Him shake it, flip it, tip it and sometimes rip it to shreds……..then wait…… His Glory be revealed in the rebuilding of what will become your new world and watch Him use it……however it looks, for His larger World; for He is The Great I Am……capable of far more than we could ever ask or imagine!! Those babies? They will soon turn one year old……smiling, laughing, healthy and much bigger than the palm of my hand. The divorce, the illness, the broken friendship……all of these still present but building a new world that is revealing His Glory one step at a time. The marital separation……no longer separate but together and rebuilding under the wings of His love.   The world as I knew it…… different in so many ways and yet the same…..yesterday, today and always within Him……the centerpiece of our World.

This post is  dedicated to the beautiful, strong little boys of my brave friend Liz and her husband Shawn.  The super twins as they are known will soon turn one year old!! Happy Birthday brave boys!! 


Goodbye 2014


Farewell 2014

A New Year, a clean slate……ready to be filled with joy and pain, good and bad, smiles and tears.   But ready more than anything to be filled with the Presence of my everlasting and ever loving Father.  A New Year, I think requires a look back at the old year while at the same time straining and keeping our eyes on what lies ahead.

Today, thanks to some writing I have been doing over the past year and a half I had a unique opportunity to look back at what I wrote to welcome in 2014.  I was literally struck by the writing…….it centered around a word that proved, in retrospect, to be a near perfect description of different ways in which 2014 played out.  The word was dynasty and last year as I puzzled over why God would give me such a different word I grasped hold of one definition of dynasty: “a family/team that is powerful or successful over a long period”.   I knew, right then and there I wanted to be part of God’s dynasty and God spoke to me through some odd insights in to four animals:  a duck, a moose, a lion and a goose.  I wrote these words about a duck “ducks are interesting creatures….on water they move gracefully and freely, but on land they seem to waddle to their own offbeat tune.  Their quacking increases in intensity when they feel threatened yet seem to sing almost a lulling tune when paddling peacefully alongside their mate”.  Oh what truth rang to this, I can see those days when I kept my eyes on Him, focused on walking in the strength and love of His Spirit I was able to move gracefully and freely but when my focus wandered away the days became awkward and difficult.  This past year I experienced more healing and spiritual growth than I had ever dreamed possible.  I wanted desperately to be part of His dynasty and through that healing God has began laying out more and more ways for me to share His love with others…….through friendships, through people He has brought into my path and even………to my amazement through preaching His Word on occasion!!! 

Last year I wrote maybe God wanted me to be a moose in His dynasty; to live more by faith and less by sight; to learn to peacefully exist in whatever circumstances are before me.  No, I definitely have not been a perfect moose, but 2014 taught me lessons about slowing down, moving in His seasons and allowing Him to direct the seasons rather than me trying to constantly take control.  I have had some amazing moments of soaking in His Presence, just allowing Him to fill me rather than fighting endlessly toward an unknown goal.  Sometimes just soaking in His presence is all we are capable of, and He honors that and fulfills it in ways we never realized we needed. 

As a lion in God’s dynasty in 2014 I was humbly honored to be a part of faith community that has grown spiritually by leaps and bounds.  When the leader of our community was hit with a very difficult season this community of faith came together as a pride…..lifting each other up in faith and spirituality and at times literally roaring with amazing, Spirit filled and heart wrenching prayer for all those in our community who were in desperate need.  It was an honor and a privilege to watch this “pride”, this faith community rise spiritually to the occasion and support their leader in way that honored our Heavenly Father.

Finally, last year, God asked me to be a goose in His dynasty; an animal with strong values, loyalty and a willingness to care for and protect those who are physically or even spiritually injured.  A goose will guard an injured family member until he/she recovers or dies.  I cannot even describe how being a goose has played out this year.  As two members of our close knit community of friends  faced overwhelming challenges we have literally stood guard over them; covering them in prayer, filling in for them when they simply could not face another person, and given our own shoulders to their buckets of tears all the while wading through our own grief within these situations.   These five friends have bowed shoulder to shoulder to our Father  in the fiercest love, loyalty, caring and protection I have ever been witness to……and we have survived; even thrived.  

The challenges of 2014 are far from over; these friends and others will continue to need each of these animals in their corner………but what being a part of His dynasty (family successful over a long period of time) has taught me will never, ever be forgotten.   Not only will it never be forgotten…..but as He promises in His Word He has used, is using  and will be using ALL of this to His Glory.  2014 was PROOF BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT of this promise:

And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.  For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.  And those He predestined, He also called; those He called, He also justified; those He justified, He also glorified”.  Romans 8: 28-30 NIV

Thank you Father……for calling me to be part of your dynasty for 2014 and may I forever honor and glorify you in all circumstances!  Amen

This goodbye 2014 post is lovingly dedicated to the gatherers of Grace Outrageous Ministry (GO Ministry) and to the five most amazing friends in the world…….Tress, Beverly, Sharon, Dawn and Dawn….I love you all!!! 



Five Minute Friday: Exhale

white cloud at blue sky

Hi All,
Teaming up again this week with Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crowd; the goal is to write five minutes straight on the prompt word, no editing, just five minutes of writing. The only rule is to provide a link to the FMF site and comment on the post prior to you. Each week a prompt word is provided. This week the prompt word is EXHALE! Ready, set, go!

It’s Friday, the 4th of July and I think I have finally exhaled, the past months have been abundantly and yet overwhelming full……work, church, school, family and various other commitments have made the last several months a whirlwind of activity. Today I had planned to rest, to relax, to rejuvenate and spend time with my God. Then the message from my husband arrived on Wednesday; we will need to spend all day Friday at our sons house working on the roof. I love my kids, I love doing things for them but the thought of losing my planned time to finally relax was enough to send me over the edge. BUT, God in His Mighty Power had greater plans. Yes, they did spend the day working on the roof, yes we did provide them some lunch…..but the day was far from overwhelming; in fact, it has been blessedly underwhelming. A late breakfast with my mom, then went to my son and daughter-in-laws home to ensure he and his dad had a decent lunch. Then God blessed me with the me time I so desperately needed. An hour long walk in absolute perfect weather, another walk with my beautiful daughter-in-law and my granddog. Then topped it off with an entire afternoon spent sitting on the porch of a friend’s home, just being. I read my Bible, I wrote, I watched the clouds go by, I watched the people go by, I napped, we chatted, we sat in silence…..but mostly I EXHALED!! Deep cleansing breaths, full of the power of the Holy Spirit and yet blessedly calm. I exhaled as I have not in months and oh the freedom of exhaling…….out goes the stress of the past months, in comes a cleansing breath, out goes all the times I remind myself of what I am not….exhale, exhale, exhale the “am nots” and inhale, inhale, inhale the “I am’s”…I am His daughter, I am enough, I am deserving of an afternoon of lazy nothingness……I am deserving of exhaling and the sweet release and freedom it brings. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you for the sweet cleansing of exhaling!!!


Five Minute Friday: Messenger

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I’m linking up once again this week Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crowd.  Once a week she provides a writing prompt…..the rules; write for five minutes, no editing, just write what is in your heart. Link up with the FMF crowd at

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THE Messenger


Acts 2:  14-21 “In the Last Days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people.   Your sons will prophesy, also your daughters.  Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams.  When the time comes I’ll pour out my Spirit on those who serve me, men, and women both, and they’ll prophesy.  I’ll set wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below.  Blood and fire and billowing smoke, the turning black and the moon blood red.  Before the Day of the Lord arrives, the Day tremendous and marvelous.  And whoever calls out for help to me, God will be saved.”


He comes like the fierceness of a spring storm, winds so strong they are impossible to ignore.  The Messenger, He comes in gentle whisperings:  tugging at our heart strings, being the little voice inside that cannot be ignored. The messages He brings are as wide and varied as that of the oceans He created.  Gentle messages of love and grace, like the waves lapping at our toes buried in warm sand.  His messages can be bigger, stronger;  rolling into our hearts like a tsunami, taking our breath away and seemingly bent on destruction, but in reality bent on healing our brokenness.   The Messenger:  His focus on one thing and one thing alone, increasing our relationship with our Heavenly Father, bringing us on our knees to the foot of the cross, to our bridegroom, Jesus Christ…….oh listen my sisters in Christ, listen to The Messenger.  Linger in His love, let Him speak to your heart through His Messenger, the Holy Spirit, step out in obedience and faith!

The Messenger…..He longs to bring personalized messages of love, grace, thanksgiving, and truth to our hearts.  He is one third of the one whole of God, He is the Holy Spirit and His power, His love and His boldness is like nothing on this earth.   Pray to Him dear sisters, pray for His love and His power; like a father gifting a small child, He longs to gift the Holy Spirit to your hearts, to dwell with you and in you forever and ever.  Pour it out Father, pour it out until we are drowning in the love!!



Five Minute Friday: Hands, The Power of Gentle

jesus comforts from beth heading for my destiny

I’m linking up once again this week Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crowd. Once a week she provides a writing prompt…..the rules; write for five minutes, no editing, just write what is in your heart. Link up with the FMF crowd at

Post a link then go back and encourage the one who linked up before you. This week the prompt is “hands”. Ready, set, go!


HANDS: The Power of Gentle


2 Timothy 1:6 (NIV) “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands”.


His hands brushed gently against my forehead, then trailed through my hair. The love and gentleness was like nothing I had ever before experienced. As I lay on that floor, crying out to my God for peace and comfort He reached down from His heavenly throne and nourished my soul in what could only be a product of the gentle hands of Jesus. The hands were enthroned with love and power……their gentle caresses like that of a soft warm breeze. My heart cried out….my God, my God…I need you, I’m falling fast and hard, I don’t know where to turn or how to escape the grips of this anxiety. As my heart continued to cry His gentle hands continued to nourish, they trailed through my hair, they were laid on my forehead and as this occurred He began speaking deep into my soul. “My daughter, My beloved, relax into My hands, feel the peace and love, let it seep deep into you. I am here, I am never leaving, I will caress you for eternity in the gentleness and love of my hands. Turn your heart and your tears to Me, my hands are here, full of gentleness and love…..lean into them, feel My presence, feel the power within My gentle love……feel My hands, the wounds within flowing with a perfect love, take power and comfort from the love of these hands and let the gentleness nourish your beaten down soul”. Oh my God, my God, I give you all Glory, Honor and Praise for the gift of these gentle hands.