My name is Amy and I am a friend of Jesus. My name is Amy and I am a sinner. My name is Amy, I’ve been married to my one and only for over 25 years. I have three boys; Joshua is grown and recently married, giving us our first daughter ever Alexandra, TC is a junior in college and a part time youth minister and Jacob is an ornery, funny and active 4th grader. God has always been a part of our life but about five years ago I finally began listening to His insistence that knowing Him and having a relationship with Him were two separate things. My desire is to simply listen to Him and continue building a relationship with a God I desire to be close to with all my heart. I love to write and many times God brings me practical images that help me to understand Him more. I delayed sharing my writing for a long time but God continued to push so I finally gave in and started blogging. My only desire is to share with you the amazing love, grace and mercy of a Lord and Saviour. I found it absolutely amazing that even after all the mistakes I made He even wanted a relationship with me, but He does, just as He desires a relationship with ALL of His children,,,,,no matter their mistakes, doubts or even their anger. If one post touches one person and opens their heart just a bit more to the love of Jesus Christ that will be great, but even if it does not, I know for a fact this blog is part of His teaching me more about sharing His Kingdom!


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