Five Minute Friday–Blue


Linking up again this week with the Five Minute Friday crowd. We take the prompt word and write for five minutes straight; no editing, no overthinking, ….just five minutes of writing. Don’t forget to go and encourage the writer before you.   The link for FMF is Today’s prompt word…….Blue   Ready, set, go!!


“God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” Eph 3:21 (Msg)

12 years old and still small enough to curl up into my lap in that early morning time; that rare time in which he hangs onto the sleepiness of the night, before he fully awakens and sets about his active day. It is during this time I never tire of catching sight of those beautiful blue’s.   His bright red hair provides a stark contrast to the deep sky blue of his eyes that seem to always sparkle.  They are the blue of his daddy and his granny and I can seriously just lose myself in them.   To me; the momma who loves him so these baby blues are so magical. When I look at them I am reminded of the wonders of a God who, having seen two parents going happily about their life with two half grown sons, decided He would rock their world with a tiny little red head, bright blue eyed, surprise bundle of joy.   We had two boys; one 11 and one 13 and we were done….looking ahead to teen years and before we knew it an empty nest. The year had been difficult; my husband’s mother had suddenly taken ill and died within a four week whirlwind; leaving a huge hole in the fabric of our family. It was late summer…..six months of grief had scarred our family and we were finally beginning to emerge from the shock all that had happened. One day after feeling just “not right” for several days we shockingly discovered another life had just been added to our family.   He was different…….a surprise, conceived without the aid of fertility specialists, a perfect salve for our wounded and grieving hearts. Nine months later I looked into those beautiful baby blues and was smitten.   I remember staring into those eyes for months after…..tears pouring forth and thanking God for this tiny surprise blessing……it was as if those baby blues (the same blue as his granny) provided a healing for our hearts……so wounded by sudden loss.   Blue is a promise…..a promise of new life, a promise of smiles, hugs, little boy snuggles and a ever present reminder of God’s promise and plan for our lives. A surprise to us? Yes. A surprise to God? Absolutely not!! And each time I look into those sparkling, ornery, love filled baby blues…….I am reminded of the love of a Saviour who knew just what family needed; a fiery little red headed, blue eyed boy and how those baby blues would forever remind this momma of the magnificent love of The One who loves her so very much!!!


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