Five Minute Friday: When

love and the cross metaphor

Linking up again this week with the Five Minute Friday crowd. We take the prompt word and write for five minutes straight; no editing, no overthinking, ….just five minutes of writing. Don’t forget to go and encourage the writer before you.   The link for FMF is Today’s prompt word…….When!   Ready, set, go

“NOW, to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work in us” Eph 3:20 NIV

When are we going to get there mom? When are we going to stop for lunch? When do we get to go swimming?   If you have ever taken a road trip with your children you know the list of “when” questions can go on for miles…..literally! Did you ever notice, WHEN we give into their incessant questioning and begin focusing on the destination rather than the journey our own internal voice joins in with their “whens”? Focusing on the destination makes the trip seem oh soooo long, but WHEN we instead focus on the joy of the trip…..when a roadside museum becomes a welcome stop, when a rest stop nestled in the mountains allows us to watch the sunrise with our teenage son for the first time ever, when we sing silly songs with our young children… is then the focus turns from “when” to “now”.   Maybe “when” becomes now during that time of peace and quiet that happens when the whining of the tires lulls your talkative 5 year old to sleep.   When we focus on the trip; the journey, rather than the destination we begin instead to ask the question of when can we do this again?

We lose sight, sometimes we lose hope even, when we focus on the “when God” questions. When will I find the “perfect partner”? When will we have children/grandchildren? When will I get that long worked for promotion? When will life ever slow down?   WHEN GOD, will my heart ever stop this incessant, grief filled aching? WHEN?   Ever think that maybe God wants us to stop focusing so much of our time an energy on the “whens” and start focusing on the now? God knows we are His children and as well as He knows us He knows that this journey will be full of “whens”…..He knows our ever searching souls have that tendency to focus on the “whens” and lose sight of the “nows”. BUT, He gives us a way out….a way out of that incessant wanting to know “when” by putting the here and now right in front of us. My child, He says….don’t focus your attention on the “when will we have children”; instead thank me for the beautiful time for you and your love to know one another better.   Don’t focus on “when will I get that promotion”; instead focus on learning as much as possible where you are now. Don’t focus on a future time; wondering when life sill slow down.   Slow it down now and purposefully make time NOW. Don’t focus on wondering when this grief will ever let up; instead let it be….let it be in your heart for the time it needs to be and use it to pull close to Me, to focus on Me NOW. My child, begin resting in the now and know that the “when” will come in My time.   In the meantime don’t miss the beauty of the here and now. My child, stop straining for answers to your “whens” and simply rest in my presence……it is “when” you do this (rest in My presence) you will begin to understand that “when” is “now” and that peace, that surpasses all understanding, the peace I have promised to you, will settle deep into your heart and soul.   My child be with me NOW; not WHEN and experience that peace in Me, for I am Your Loving Father and I want you in Me, NOW…..not WHEN.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: When

  1. Jodee paxton says:

    Beautiful! Brings up lots of memories. The older you get the less you ask when, because you realize it will happen too soon, when you are not yet ready for it! You try much harder to hang onto the now, hoping that ‘when’ is far in the future.

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