Five Minute Friday: Notice

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Teaming up again this week with the Five Minute Friday Crowd.      The rules are write from your heart for 5 min, no edits, just straight from the heart. A new prompt word is provided each week. Then, link up with the FMF crowd and go back and encourage the person who posted before you. This weeks prompt word…..NOTICE……ready, set, go!


Have you noticed me? I sit in the back of the church, keep mostly to myself and do everything I can to avoid eye contact. Have you noticed me? I go about my daily work, head down, attending to my duties with a heavy heart. Have you noticed me? I sit by myself every day at lunch, embarrassed by the meager peanut butter bread in my lunch that is the best meal I will have all day. Have you noticed me? I sit at the coffee shop, my face buried in a book while tears quietly leak down my face. Have you noticed me? I am at the party, I’m the one sitting in the corner, shyly watching the fun activities of others and hoping against hope someone will invite me to join in. Have you noticed me? I’m the smallest one in the class, not very coordinated, silently pleading to not be the last one picked just this once! Have you noticed me? I sit silently in the waiting room nauseated from the poisons entering my body but more frightened of the results awaiting me behind those doors. I plead, I beg, I cry……..God, have you noticed me?

“My child, I notice you continually. I am the lady in the next pew you don’t see but who has been silently praying for you for weeks. I am the coworker who never fails to give you a bright smile and ask what she can do to help. I am the other little boy, staring longingly at your peanut butter bread because I know from what you say your mom packs it for you every morning; my momma….I have no idea where she is. I am the barista at the coffee shop, offering up prayers for the widow who spends her days buried in a book to avoid the loneliness. I am the shy person in the other corner, empathizing with your plight. I am the jock, who you think is making fun of you but in reality wants to be your friend. I am the doctor behind those doors, bowing my head and asking the Holy Spirit to give me words that tell the truth but still give hope. My child I notice, I always notice……the question is. DO YOU NOTICE ME?”


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Notice

  1. God is always the one who notices us. I was that person in the corner, the one who sat hidden among a large group of people. God is the one who brought me into contact with those who encouraged me to leave me solitude and be a part of a group. He still does that for me today.
    (visiting from FMF)


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