Five Minute Friday: Because



Linking up with The Five Minute Friday crew for the first time in a while. I invite you to drop in and Link up at   The rule is a prompt word is provided and you write, for five minutes whatever comes, no editing, no long thinking just write. When you are finished go back and comment on the link before you and provide support.


This weeks prompt word…..because. Ready, set, go!!


Because Your promises are for me, because You have touched my heart in places I didn’t even know existed, because You have shown me the beauty of a loving Father, because You have given grace unconditionally. Because You have whispered to me, shouted to me and loved me without words. Because You have entered into my life. Because You have upheld me when I had nothing left. Because You have gathered my millions of tears. Because You have given me millions of smiles. Because You have taken my violently trembling hand and placed it in Yours. Because You have listened to the fears and failures and doubts without judgment. Because You have given me a heart full of compassion. Because You have shown me what true love and true community is. Because You have blessed me with Your everlasting presence, touched me to the depths of my soul. Because You have given me oh so much more than I could ever deserve. Because You have taken this broken child and transformed her, renewed her and given her a heart with a desire to pursue You and You alone. Because You are all, all of my past, all of my present and all of my future. Because You are the great I Am. Because of all this and much more I will worship You forever!!!


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Because

  1. Stunning! So much beautiful truth here. So, so good. I cannot even begin to pick out which ‘because’ touched me most. I popped in from #FMFparty BECAUSE of your picture. My FMF post focused on that very song. I’m so glad I visited you. Blessings.


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