Five Minute Friday: Hands, The Power of Gentle

jesus comforts from beth heading for my destiny

I’m linking up once again this week Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crowd. Once a week she provides a writing prompt…..the rules; write for five minutes, no editing, just write what is in your heart. Link up with the FMF crowd at

Post a link then go back and encourage the one who linked up before you. This week the prompt is “hands”. Ready, set, go!


HANDS: The Power of Gentle


2 Timothy 1:6 (NIV) “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands”.


His hands brushed gently against my forehead, then trailed through my hair. The love and gentleness was like nothing I had ever before experienced. As I lay on that floor, crying out to my God for peace and comfort He reached down from His heavenly throne and nourished my soul in what could only be a product of the gentle hands of Jesus. The hands were enthroned with love and power……their gentle caresses like that of a soft warm breeze. My heart cried out….my God, my God…I need you, I’m falling fast and hard, I don’t know where to turn or how to escape the grips of this anxiety. As my heart continued to cry His gentle hands continued to nourish, they trailed through my hair, they were laid on my forehead and as this occurred He began speaking deep into my soul. “My daughter, My beloved, relax into My hands, feel the peace and love, let it seep deep into you. I am here, I am never leaving, I will caress you for eternity in the gentleness and love of my hands. Turn your heart and your tears to Me, my hands are here, full of gentleness and love…..lean into them, feel My presence, feel the power within My gentle love……feel My hands, the wounds within flowing with a perfect love, take power and comfort from the love of these hands and let the gentleness nourish your beaten down soul”. Oh my God, my God, I give you all Glory, Honor and Praise for the gift of these gentle hands.


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