Five Minute Friday: Close


Today I’m linking up once again with Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crowd.  FMF provides a prompt word every Friday, then we write, for five minutes, no editing, no holds barred, just write whats on our heart.  Today is Saturday, I missed writing yesterday and now I know why as what follows happened last night.   Please link up the Five Minute Friday crowd at

Today’s word is close: 

Close……close is the 1 am knock on bedroom door that says, “mom, my belly really hurts”.  Close is……on way to ER half hour later because the closeness you have with your child kicks in and says very clearly, something is wrong, something more than the flu.  Close is……running your fingers through his hair while he bravely watches them start the IV in his arm, then holding him close to you carefully so you don’t make his belly hurt worse.  Close is…..wanting his pain to be transferred from his small body to yours and your heart breaking because it doesn’t happen.  Close is……sitting next to my husband in the surgical waiting room, awaiting a word from the doctor, looking at him, smiling and saying….”well, so much for our date day” and knowing that after 26 years its okay.  Close is…….advocating for your little boy to the Dr. who says he is not looking so bad now, knowing that he is hiding the pain because he wants to go to a birthday party.  Close is….sitting on the stretcher, carefully rubbing his legs til finally, after 12 hours he drifts off to sleep right before surgery.  Close is…..praying over him, all of his eleven year old gangly body before the surgery begins.   Close is…..that last hug and kiss before they take him away, knowing even though it’s a “simple procedure” a piece of your heart is going with him.  Close is……shutting off the tears as he struggles to stand up after surgery for the first time.  Close is…….being so near, so in tune, that you knew deep in your soul this wasn’t an average tummy ache.  Close is……the appendix, so carefully removed by skilled hands and a little boy who will be swinging a bat in another week.  Close is….a God who, knowing this would happen, brought our family to a top notch hospital and arranged it so his nurse is the daughter of a close friend, someone we all trust.  Close is…..knowing he needs to get up and walk but your heart breaking as he cries more than he has through the entire time.  Close is…….the love of a momma and daddy surpassing no other love on earth and the even greater love of a heavenly Father who watches each and every one of His children so closely He even arranges the perfect time for an appendicitis attack!




2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Close

  1. Wow! What a night! I love how you’ve shown the blessings coming throughout your family’s crisis. Glad to hear your son got the help he needed on time. It’s hard to watch our kids hurting, even when we know it’s part of the healing they need. Many blessings for a speedy recovery. Popping by as your neighbour from FMF 🙂


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