Five Minute Friday: Friend

five friends

Once again this week I am linking of with LisaJo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday Crowd.  Each week LisaJo provides a writing prompt; the rule is write for five minutes, no editing, no overthinking…..just write, then link back up with her and comment on the person who linked before you.  This weeks prompt has special meaning to my heart “friend”.  Ready, set, GO!

“Friend”, for 44 years I had no real comprehension of what this word meant, sure I had friends but not forever to the day I die friends.  Four years ago God began speaking to my heart through a new friend and soon I found myself in the midst of a group of five friends that have taught me the true meaning of friendship.  These friends put Christ first in everything but at the same time are so real, honest about their doubts, beliefs, fears, joys; honest about who they are.  They call themselves the WEEDS and now I too am a WEED.  WEEDS stick together through thick and thin, they come around when others are down, they are tenacious……never giving up, nothing is too much.  They are there in the “for real” of life, in the raw emotions, in the tender times, in the “just wanna give it up” times.  They are simply there, there to show themselves as God with skin on, there to just be there……..and sometimes, sometimes that’s all we really need; no doing, no fixing, no talking, no advice……just there with their prayers lifting and without judgment.  I never knew the meaning of friend until these women came along……….now, I will never be the same again.  Thank you Jesus…….my Friend above all friends for this gift!!


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