Five Minute Friday: Paint

I’m linking up again today with LisaJo Baker and the five minute Friday crowd. She provides the writing prompt on her blog and hundreds link up with a flat five minutes of writing based on the prompt. No edits, overthinking…..just five minutes of writing. Today’s prompt is “paint”. Ready, set, GO!

The brush strokes methodically……up and down I a quiet rhythm on the white picket fence. The quiet rhythm and time of reflection it provides I. The glorious early morning sunshine is near perfect. Around me are the robins….looking around for an early breakfast, the neighborhood has a calm about it, a calm that comes when everyone is still sleepily preparing for the day ahead. With each wrote of the brush comes another prayer, another chance to spend time communing with my Lord. I need this time…..this time of just being with Him, my hands keeping buys as if they have a mind of their own whilst my heart and thoughts are in another place. I pray for different people with each stroke of the brush: a co-worker still recovering six months after a surgery, another lost in the evil recesses of his own mind. A son, living so far from home, a daughter-in-law with a broken heart. A friend……so enthroned in sadness. The prayers go on…….keeping rhythm with the strokes, seeking a comforting rhythm from my Almighty Father. The painting become a balm to my own soul and serves to open my eyes to the beauty of just being with Him. Paint….paint in His rhythm and to His tune as my heart is overwhelmed with the beauty of His love. Paint….may each stroke bring hope, beauty and love as if delivered straight for the hands of God.

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