Five Minute Friday: Writer



Today I am once again linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday team.  The idea is to write straight for five minutes, no editing, no overthinking, just write what comes to mind.  Lisa Jo provides a prompt every Friday and today’s prompt is writer.  So ready, set, go!

Writer?  Am I a writer?  I am, I’m not sure I am so good at it but writing is a part of who I am.  Writer means that every once in a while I get some words in my heart and just cannot stand it until they are actually put to paper.  A word, an idea, a prayer, sometimes even a poem just finds its way into my head and it wont leave my head unless I put it to paper.  It is those times I simply pick up a pen or my laptop and the words begin to flow.  The bathtub is a place I seem to become a writer, as I relax ideas just seem to flow within and as they form they become like a kinked up garden hose, they pool in my head and in my heart until at last I am able to find a few minutes of precious time and write them out.  Sometimes it is short and sweet but more often for me it is long and flowing. 

Writer to me is not me, it  is my God.  It seems my most meaningful writing comes along when God plants something into my heart.  I have written of struggles, of joys, of droughts, of rocks, of children, of tears……whatever it is that God places in my mind.  Right now floating around is some writing centered around a lost earring, a crooked back, and a case of vertigo.  I am not one to push it, God will give me the words when the time is right, but right now the time is for groceries, so have a great Friday everyone!



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Writer

  1. so true that He’ll give us words when we just keep showing up. He’s faithful that way. here’s to writing what we know to be true, writing the authentic, and writing the real.


  2. Jodee Paxton says:

    Ok, this one gave me a chuckle! Believe me, dear daughter, you are a writer right down to the point where your best ideas always seem to hit at the most inopportune moments, like in a tub of sudsy water. Mine is usually at night when I really need to get up the next morning! But sooner or later that idea ends up written down. Remember, a writer writes and that’s what you are being led to do! God bless you!


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