Five Minute Friday: Small

For the first time today I am linking up with LIsa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday…Its writing for 5 minutes and see what comes out.  A prompt is provided each Friday for Five minutes of focused writing.  So here is my first and I hope I link up correctly.  




We call him our fuzzy little dustmop.  He is a combination of Yorkshire Terrier, Daschund and who knows what else?  Rescued from the humane society over two years ago, he was a present from my husband, an early Christmas present he hoped would put a smile on a beloved face that had been sad for too long.  It took about 2 minutes and he had a permanent home in both of our hearts, about three months later as he lay in my arms staring up at me with those soulful brown eyes I noticed it…..a perfectly shaped small pink heart at the end of a small brown nose.  The tears fell like a pouring rain, tears for the past two years full of grief, troubles and overwhelming triumphs. Tears for a puppy given in love by a man who struggles to make his love known to his emotional wife. 


The small dustmop has had his fur filled with tears of joy and tears of grief.  His small head an always calming presence as he lays in the small spot between my legs and the recliner, my hand resting on his head as I pray, write, laugh, cry and even sleep.  A small presence that has brought loads of laughter.  My husband wolf whistles and a mighty howl comes out of this small body…..never failing to dissolve even a somber evening into a mass of laughter.   A small heart, a small body, and an even smaller heart perfectly imprinted on a small brown nose has brought immense love, intense laughter and even opened two hearts to each other in a way that 25 years of marriage could not.  Great things do indeed come in small packages!!!! 



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