A Christmas Open House


Ephesians 3:17 “Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him.  Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong”. 

A Christmas Open House; these are among the first words that came to mind as I read this scripture, and I have been pondering it for days.  In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season I struggle to keep Christ at the forefront, to not get so caught up that I forget the real reason for the season.  A few days ago I read a devotion which asked “What can I give Jesus for His birthday this year?”  The question had me pondering what He would want for me to give Him?  It was the next morning when scripture reading brought me to these two heartwarming verses in Ephesians.  As I have been processing and pondering upon the verses and the question of what Jesus would want from me for His birthday God began speaking to my heart.

This year God has asked me to host a Christmas Open House in honor of His Son, Jesus Christ.  This is a private open house, (not so private because I am sharing it with you) it is an open house that has been occurring for quite some time albeit very slowly.  It is an opening of the house He has so graciously provided me to dwell within.  This year as a gift to my loving Savior for the pain He endured so I may experience joy and forgiveness I am giving Him full and open access to my home.  I vow this Christmas to fling open the windows of my soul so wide the Holy Spirit will blow in with the hurricane force winds.  This Christmas I permanently open the doors; to my heart, to my soul, to my spirit and to my mind that  God may freely enter. No locks, no screen doors through which I let Him in at my choosing.  Instead, these doors will be freely open.  This Christmas I open other doors in my home; doors to the closets in which I so clumsily attempt to hide from my God.  Closets which hold skeletons of the past and sins I invariably want to cover up.  Father, come in, purge and clean my closets that they may be a living representation of you dwelling within me.  This Christmas I am opening up two places in my home I have for many years attempted to keep from my Father.  The musty old basement…..full of memories, dark corners, scary spiders and all sorts of real and imagined evil.  Father let the breath of your Holy Spirit cleanse the basement of my soul and build up a stronger foundation for my dwelling place here on earth.  This Christmas I also open my attic.  The attic of my mind that reminds me of my grandmas attic in her large old home.  It was stuffy, dusty and dark.  Even in the corner where a little light shone in from a small window you could never see well enough to find what you were looking for.  Father this Christmas I open the attic of my home, that you may dwell within it, that the power of your Holy Spirit will provide guidance and conviction knocking down the cobwebs as they tangle my thoughts. I open my attic that the love of Your Son, poured out by His blood that was shed, may fill every little crack and crevice as if it is a thick layer of insulation; insulating my mind and helping to repel the enemy within.  And finally dear Jesus this year I give you the roof of my home……I give it to you that you may remove the roof so that not only does your amazing light fill my entire home but also that the light of Christ shines from my home, illuminating the surrounding neighborhood and bathing it in loving light.

This year Jesus, I take the deed to my home, the deed I tried for so long to keep in my name.  I take this deed and I sign it over to you, my one and only Savior.  Take possession of my home, fill it with Your love and Your light, remodel as you see fit; I am but a building, You shall be the Master builder, architect, remodeler and repair man. 

Happy Birthday my dear Jesus.  This Christmas I invite you as well to have a personal Christmas Open House and invite the Savior to be the Master of your home.  Merry Christmas my friends, may His love and light fill you to overflowing!!



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