Rescue Me!

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As a young child growing up in the seventies whose father was a presence desperately desired yet strangely feared I became the fan of a popular TV show named “Emergency”.  The premise of the show was big city Paramedics in LA performing rescues and saving lives.  To a young girls heart Johnny & Roy were heroes;  they not only saved the people (many of them children) but while they were saving they had a way of speaking safety, comfort, security and a knowing that it would be okay.  Their calming presence quieted hysterical mothers and stoic, worried fathers.  Their patients, especially the children, knew almost right away that when Johnny & Roy bent over them with concerned faces, reassuring them, gently holding them or even brushing hair from their face in a comforting gesture that it would be okay.  As a young girl I longed for the feeling their presence seemed to have over their patients, longed for a sense of concern combined with knowing how to fix their hurts.  My hurts were not physical, but the ache they created was just as bad, just as desperate, just as in need of rescue as those TV children trapped in a storm drain or an abandoned mine. 

It wasn’t long after Emergency came on the air I began to have a recurring dream.  In this dream I would find myself in some sort of peril, it was never clearly defined but each time I would be lying on my back, crying quietly and awaiting rescue by my heroes.  In my dream Johnny & Roy would appear on the scene and begin to comfort me, gently speaking words of encouragement, wiping my face and pushing my hair out of my eyes.  They would treat me as if making me feel secure and comforted was the most important part of my rescue.  Upon awakening, that sense of comfort and security would quickly fade as the reality of my life quickly came back into focus.  On hard nights, when my heart hurt so much I felt it would burst I would lie in bed, quietly sobbing and clumsily pray for God to take me to that dream; just so I could feel better for a bit.  The dream held on all throughout my difficult teen years, but slowly faded as adulthood, family and children took over.  The longing for that feeling of comfort and security never left, but the dream became just a childhood fantasy, taking up residence in the far corners of my mind.

About six weeks ago I began to experience anxiety in a way I have never before known, not just worry but full blown, knocked off my feet, unable to function anxiety.  I spent nearly ten days literally shaking day and night with little relief.  My faith over the past thirty years had grown yet that desperate need for comfort and security remained.  In my pain I desperately cried out to my God, I cried in the arms of friends and soaked my pillow with tears.  I was in need of rescue as never before in my life.  At the urging of my friends I went for medical help and finally stopped shaking.  Also at the urging of my friends I attended a candlelight yoga class meant for relaxation.  Muscles sore and aching from days of tremors finally began to stretch and release, my heart and mind began to slow and miraculously by the time the relaxation portion of the class arrived my body and mind were able to join in.  This is when my Jesus stepped in and showed me what true rescue feels like.  As I lie on that mat, relaxation settling in I began to just cry out in my heart and mind for my Jesus and He answered in a way that touched me as never before.  Jesus, my Jesus knelt next to my yoga mat, He didn’t say anything right away but His smile said a thousand words, I felt a sense of comfort and peace I had never before known. As my heart soaked in the healing of His eyes He lifted His hands and began very slowly to stroke my hair, gently running His hand across my forehead, pushing back the stray hairs and letting His fingers trail through my hair.  As He did this He began to whisper quietly and lovingly to me….”its okay My daughter, I love you, relax, I’ve got this, please just relax and allow Me to begin healing your heart”.

I have done this many times to my children, when they were ill, comforting them, running my fingers through their hair and just letting them feel my loving touch and softly whispering mommy’s here to reassure them.  That night, on that yoga mat, my Jesus came to me, rescuing me with a love and reassurance that can only be described as heavenly.  Suddenly I began to have a vaguely familiar feeling, a feeling of comfort, security and an overwhelming peaceful joy.  I couldn’t place it but it seemed so familiar to me, like I had felt it long ago.  Two weeks later, in the same yoga class, Jesus came once again to my yoga mat, softly whispering and running His fingers through my hair once again.  The feeling returned, safety, security, love as I had never before felt.  Still, it seemed so familiar.  I was driving home, praying to God, thanking Him for the healing He was and is doing when suddenly a long hidden memory of a little girl’s dream came fully into focus and I realized instantly, the feeling I had at yoga was the same one I felt in my little girl dream when Johnny & Roy would “rescue me”.  The difference now, I know Who this feeling comes from AND I know without a doubt my long awaited rescuer has been waiting on me all along to turn to Him and let Him be my one and only hero.  Johnny & Roy never did satisfy my little girl longing to be rescued.  My Jesus, on the other hand, He showed me what true rescue looked like, the comfort and security He is providing now continues to reassure me and the rescues I know He will provide for in the future remind me once again He is the One source of comfort, strength and a love that surpasses all understanding. 

How about you?  Have you ever cried out for rescue?  Do you know your One, True Rescuer?  My friends I pray for you this day that if you are in need of rescue that you cry out to Him, that you allow Him to be your hero, your redeemer and your strength forever and ever.  He will heal those hurts in ways you have never before dreamt of…..or maybe, like me, in ways you have dreamed of!


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